We have been offering tax preparation and accounting services to businesses and individuals for over 60 years. Since 1955, our broad expertise and focused attention have helped clients with personalized tax planning and accounting. With Kakenmaster & Associates, you have a partner that understands the importance of maximizing financial well-being for you and your business.

Our Services

Accounting Services for Businesses

When it comes to the health of your business, using reliable accounting best practices makes a big difference. We rely on a fundamental and disciplined approach in order to ensure growth and profitability. Our accountants create a customized accounting plan that takes into account your personal and business goals. We pride ourselves in providing you with personal attention and on-going customer service to ensure that your accounting plan grows with your business.


• Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

• Business Consulting, Including Entity Selection

• Payroll and Vendor Check Writing

• Quarterly Payroll Reporting

• Assist With Obtaining Financing and Lender Correspondence

• Sales Tax Returns

• Year-end Services

• Point of Sale (POS) System Integration

• Bookkeeping Software Setup and Implementation, Including Quickbooks

Business Tax Preparation and Planning

Business Tax Services

Our accountants provide expert tax preparation and ongoing tax support for your business using a combination of cloud-based services and in-person support. We approach business taxes in a comprehensive manner and take into account all of your accounting practices to ensure optimal results for your growing business. Whether you are an uber-driver, freelancer or a corporation, our experts will take into account your individual and business goals to ensure a maximum return.


Corporate Taxes

Freelance Business Taxes

Non-Profit Taxes

Partnership Taxes

Payroll Services

Self-Employed Tax Support

Sole Proprietorship Taxes

Startup Business Taxes

Trust Taxes

Tax Planning Services

• Correspondence With Taxing Authorities (IRS, State, Local)

• Audit Representation

Tax Services for Individuals

With the age of online tax software in full swing, we pride ourselves in providing you with expert tax preparation using cloud-based services and personal attention. Our team of experts are up to date with tax laws and will ensure that you maximize the results of your return and avoid paying too much due to out of date software and unreliable online services. With Kakenmaster & Associates, you get the best of both worlds: Convenient tax services and personal service. Our tax preparers are well versed in the following tax topics:


• Child Tax Credit Expertise

• Client Portal for Online Tax Data Exchange

• Cloud-based and One-on-one Tax Services

• Convenient Drop-off Service

• Correspondence With Taxing Authorities (IRS, State, Local)

• Employer Incentives

• Federal and State E-file Services

• Healthcare Marketplace Tax Benefits

• Investment Real Estate

• Itemized Deductions

• Joint Federal and State Tax Returns

• Multi-State Returns

• Personal Federal and State Tax Returns

• Premium Tax Credit Expertise

• Stock Options

• Stock Sales

• Tax Assessments for Retirement

• Tax Extensions

Tax Data Organizer

Payroll Services

Your business is subject to various payroll tax laws and compliance requirements. We understand the importance of keeping up to date with your business’ growth and payroll needs.


• Cash Flow Management

• Employee Classification

• Foresee Payroll and Labor Costs

• Ongoing Support

• Payroll Fulfillment and Paying All Employee Paychecks

• Subcontractors

• Tax Law Compliance

• Workmans Comp

• Employee Benefits

 We Focus on Your Needs

What’s important to you is important to us. We work with you on a personal level to determine optimal tax and accounting solutions for your unique needs, then leverage our years of expertise to achieve the best possible results.

Our team of experts is at your disposal, available to answer any questions at your convenience. We provide a unique mix of in-person and essential cloud-based services that provide efficiency and peace of mind. You can rest assured that when a need arises, we are ready and capable to handle everything for you so that you can focus on what matters most.