We understand that profitability Is Essential

Ensuring the accuracy and transparency of your expenses is critical for your financial success. This includes required payroll records. Payroll ties closely with your accounting practices and we take every aspect of your business into account. We work with you directly and get to know your business so that we can adjust as it evolves. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing you with expertise, service, and straight-forward payroll and accounting solutions. With over 65 years of accounting expertise, you can focus on growing and be fully engaged in your business, while we handle your payroll needs.

Reliable Payroll Solutions That Focus on Your Business Growth

We begin with a complimentary consultation where we discuss your finances, business goals, and lifestyle. As businesses grow, it becomes much more difficult to adjust. We put systems in place to support your business’ financial growth. Our conversations focus on those areas of your business where we can improve your business' efficiency. We help maintain your cash flow and ensure calculations are correct. Your customized payroll solution takes into account your cash flow and employee requirements. We provide ongoing support and personal attention that focuses on your business’ growing needs by putting in place a payroll management system that is flexible and transparent.

Meaningful Payroll Reporting

K&A provides fully customized payroll services to help support your financial growth. We approach payroll as accountants, using accurate methods and keeping in mind your business’ big picture . We conduct business health checks along with payroll reviews so that every report you receive is meaningful and productive. We can foresee possible business costs including the required reconciliations, tax deposits and filing all of the appropriate payroll returns and year-end W-2 forms.

We verify the record keeping and payroll accuracy to minimize liability. We work with you or your payroll manager to review for compliance, identify potential problems, and strengthen your financial controls. Keeping employees happy with a system that’s reliable and works seamlessly not only gives them a positive work environment, it provides you with peace of mind. Your business remains profitable and protected.

Protect your Business from Unexpected Costs

Employee classifications affect your liability in terms of insurance. If an employee isn’t classified correctly you may be hit with an unexpected bill for insurance that will affect your cash flow and profits. Our team of industry experts set up payroll on your behalf to avoid unexpected costs and make sure that you and your employees have proper coverage.

Payroll Services


• Cash Flow Management

• Employee Classification

• Foresee Payroll and Labor Costs

• Ongoing Support

• Payroll Fulfillment and Paying All Employee Paychecks

• Subcontractors

• Tax Law Compliance

• Workmans Comp

Let’s Get Started

You are our priority. We take the time to learn about your goals and create a custom approach for your payroll system. We take the time to get to know you and provide you with straight forward advice and strategies that balance maximum results with long-term success.

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