I have found at Kakenmaster & Associates a wide array of services. We started with payroll and accounting and continued on with taxes, property management, real estate sales, and new corporate entities. Kakenmaster & Associates has made it effortless for me to continue doing what I should be doing to grow my business and not get hung up with mountains of paperwork and extra labor. Kakenmaster & Associates has also been a great part of my financial decisions. When in doubt, run things by them for solid financial advice.
— Mark Khayat, Austin’s
I have been working with Kakenmaster & Associates since 1989 and to say they have been crucial to my success, not to mention survival, would be an understatement. From advice on all financial matters, both personal and business, Kakenmaster & Associates has the tools and know-how to implement and complete all aspects of our financial picture. Kakenmaster & Associates handles my tax issues, tax audits, and Cook County user taxes with professionalism and outstanding results. With the ability to handle and produce payroll for over 200 employees weekly, including union reports and audits, they are truly a one-stop shop for professional services. I cannot recommend these professionals enough. Pete, Mark, and their whole team have become important partners in whatever successes I have enjoyed financially in my business and personal life. Having Kakenmaster & Associates strengthens us and makes us a great team. These guys are the best!
— Martin R. Nixon, CEO & Owner of Norman Mechanical, Inc.
I have a design firm that is growing and was looking for payroll services and a plan that also allowed for some flexibility. It was important to me that my accounting plan takes into account my future employees as well as my family’s well-being. My consultation with Pete went very smoothly, he knew what questions to ask and understood my business’ needs. He was able to design a plan that will easily scale as my business grows. Excellent!
— Maribel Lopez, Vision Starts LLC.